Friday, May 19, 2017

A Political Hack as FBI Director

Recent reports of Joe Lieberman being the front runner for the vacant Director of the FBI confirms my worst fears. Instead of a respected, apolitical, competent law enforcement professional for that critical position, Trumps inclination is to go with a political hack that has no serious qualifications to serve as Director of the FBI. Trump has no concept of the long term impact of putting an unqualified politico in charge. Then again, Trump has little understanding or appreciation of qualifications or competence. He is without question the most unqualified and incompetent president we have ever had but in his mind he is the best ever. He is an arrogant, narcissistic fool who is endangering our country and demeaning the office with every passing controversy. I can only hope there is enough push back the Lieberman does not become the next FBI Director. He is a self-absorbed chameleon that is not deserving or qualified for the position.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Whiner-in-Chief

Among other things, Donald Trump is now the Whiner in Chief. He is oblivious to his own incompetent, incapable, blithering idiocy and chooses to blame the media, the Democrats, his staff and anyone else who he can think of for all his problems. He suffers from terminal "POGO SYNDROME." We have met the enemy and he is us! Donald Trump is his own worst enemy. He is a mentally unstable narcissistic nitwit. He is a pathological, compulsive liar that lives in an alternate reality. Never in my adult life have I witnessed such chaos in our government or more division in our society. Trump is a one person wrecking crew. Unfortunately we are probably going to be stuck with him for the foreseeable future and will have to endure a daily dose of Trump "oh poor me" whining. It's not like the country wasn't warned about the potential dangers of a Trump presidency. They voted in sufficient numbers to allow this freak to be elected and now they can live with it. All those who chose not to vote share the same credit for this travesty. Your laziness and lack of civic responsibility has a price and now we are paying it. Donald Trump is completely unfit and unworthy of holding the office of President. Hopefully, a special prosecutor will bring him down in a court of law.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

James Comey -Good Riddance... but,

The decision to fire James Comey is overdue but it is the right thing to do. He has tarnished the shield of the FBI and his judgement is highly questionable. He is, in my opinion the worst Director the FBI has ever seen. His oversized ego, sanctimonious attitude and arrogance set the stage for his downfall.  He seems a lot more concerned about his image than doing the right thing and the chickens have come home to roost.  I am glad he is gone and the FBI will be better for it hopefully.

The dilemma is that the same President who fired Comey is the same President who will appoint his replacement and that's the really scary part. Looking around the White House at Trumps appointments like Kelly Ann Conway, Steve Bannon, Sean Spice and others should give anyone pause.  It is highly doubtful that Trump will choose a competent, skilled, honest law enforcement professional who will lead the FBI effectively. Trump is more concerned with disproving any Russia connection to his campaign than selecting an individual that might ultimately be responsible for charging him with crimes if his involvement with Russia could be proven.

I am glad Comey is gone but gravely concerned about who Trump might select to replace him.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

James Comey is Unworthy of the Position of Director of the FBI

James Comey is the worst Director in the history of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He should have been fired but he is Donald Trump's stooge so that's not going to happen.  He played a major role in Trump being elected so why would Trump fire him? 

Comey claims he is "nauseated" that his actions of October 27, 2016 may have impacted the election, but he wouldn't have done anything different. That speaks volumes about his self-serving, flawed judgement and serious lack of a sense of fundamental fairness. Comey is unworthy to serve as Director of the FBI.  He lacks the integrity, judgement and character necessary to lead an agency with as important a role as the FBI has.

Comey has tarnished the shield of the FBI and undermined the integrity of the organization. He is a disgrace to professional law enforcement in my opinion.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Dumb and Dumber

On a daily basis, Donald Trump and Sean Spicer seem to be a come-to-life version of Jim Carey and Jeff Daniel's characters in "Dumb and Dumber."

Donald Trump spouts his lies, half-truths or just plain incompetent rantings and Sean Spicer takes up the mantle to defend, explain, promote or otherwise try to provide legitimacy to the outright BS from the psuedo Commander-in-Chief.

It is hard to believe we are in this situation in America. I have said before and will say again, how Donald Trump was elected is beyond my capacity to understand. Never in my adult life have I seen government in such a state of disarray and total chaos.  If people wanted change, they changed the wrong thing. They should have gotten rid of a do-nothing Congress and the party of no. Instead, we have Republican incompetents who whined about Obama Care for 6 years and when given the chance to change it proved they hadn't even put together a plan for a viable alternative to replace it. They weren't for anything, they were just against anything Obama did.

Unfortunately, we will probably be stuck in this morass for three more years. Until then, we can be entertained by the sequel to Dumb and Dumber with Trump and Spicer.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Republican Hypocrisy

Trey Gowdy - Partisan Pitbull of the Republcan Junkyard
Republican Hypocrisy is Pathetic

It is absolutely amazing to me the level of  hypocrisy and phoniness of the Republican Party.  Imagine for a minute if Hillary Clinton had been elected president and appointed her totally inexperienced son-in-law and daughter as special advisors to the president and given them the roles and authority Donald Trump has given Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.  Trey Gowdy the partisan pitbull of the Republican junk yard would have been red-faced and having convulsions at the outrageous criminal conduct of President Hillary Clinton. You can bet he would have already initiated more of his fraudulent Congressional Committee hearings to produce self-aggrandizing headlines for himself and to create a new witch hunt to bring Hillary Clinton down. I can't think of anyone who has more thoroughly abused the power of his office or wasted more tax dollars to pursue a vicious, malicious personal crusade than Gowdy has. He represents the worst of politicians and the worst of the Republican Party.

Conspicuously silent on this topic however are Democrats who just seem to accept Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner as appointments within the power of the President and have apparently just decided to let it go without challenge.  It is ludicrous that both born to rich parents and inherited businesses are considered brilliant minds that can solve the world's toughest problems. Never mind they haven't had one day's experience in the public sector or had the training, education or experience demanded of such critical roles.

Unfortunately, this is the new America we live in. Gross incompetence in the White House led by a compulsive, pathological liar that has no integrity, ethics and is an amoral slug. Unbridled arrogance drives everything Trump does because he now sees he can destroy anyone who opposes him and his followers could care less about truth, facts or consequences of his reckless behavior.

You asked for it America and you got it.  I for one am embarrassed and ashamed of what this country has become and the pathetic buffoon who serves as President.