Monday, January 9, 2017

The Legitimacy of the Election

Donald Trump lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes, a number greater than the entire population of 21 states individually and more than 5 of our states combined. He was aided in gaining barely enough electoral votes to win by a hostile foreign government (Russia) who committed espionage against our country using a known cyberterrorist (Julian Asange) to launch a smear campaign and false news stories against his opponent which went viral in social media and was never fully exposed or challenged by mainstream media who failed miserably in preserving the public trust. That hostile foreign government then celebrated their success in getting Trump elected in intercepted emails by our intelligence community. Complicate in that act of espionage was an unethical and unprofessional partisan director of the FBI who came perilously close, if not in fact did violate the Hatch Act with his ill timed and inflammatory announcements to Congress and members of Congress who were more than happy to exploit it. The announcements proved to be totally devoid of any substance but the damage to Hillary Clinton was enormous.

 Donald Trump loudly proclaims his skepticism of the hacking and even after being briefed by top intelligence officials he trivializes and minimizes it. He insists it had no impact on the election and that those who are complaining are just sore losers. Off course he denies it had any impact. To say otherwise would certainly indicate his election was tainted. Why should he complain about it. He was the direct beneficiary of the espionage and hacking. It is totally consistent with his win and at all costs mentality no matter how much damage is done accomplishing it. 

The legitimacy of the Trump Presidency is highly questionable and should cause every American great concern. Democracy without at least minimal integrity is not democracy at all. It is illusion. It has serious implications for future elections and whether in fact confidence will be undermined.

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