Saturday, February 11, 2017


On a daily basis Donald Trump reminds us of what a dark, evil place we live in. Terrorist are flowing in from all directions. Murder and mayhem in the streets is everywhere. No one is safe. Trust him though, he will save us if we just do what he tells us.  The best way for you to save yourself is just sit back, say nothing, don't challenge anything, don't look at the facts. In other words, become the proverbial Ostrich with its head in the sand.  So far, it is working just as Trump planned it. The national narrative now is about keeping us safe from all those foreigners coming here. This is the new McCarthyism. It is now appropriately  Trumpism.

Creating a "Boogyman" has been standard fare for Republicans going back to Lee Atwater and the Willie Horton ads. Put fear in peoples hearts and you can control their minds. The main stream media is complicit in creating the climate of fear because they don't push back hard enough. They
don't have the courage to call Donald Trump out for what he is, a blatant fear and hate monger who is seeking political advantage by gaining submission through fear.  A climate of fear becomes the reality. You can actually be very safe, but if you believe you are in grave danger then your behavior and willingness to accept extreme measures is the reality you live in. Sad part, it significantly affects the quality of life we have. Living in fear deprives people of basic freedoms needlessly. It tends to make us suspicious, untrusting, afraid. 

Fear and hate mongers only succeed when people do not stand up and challenge them. What we have now in a President  is a school yard bully who has expanded the school yard to include the whole world. We let him do it. America elected him. We own him and ultimately everyone who voted for him owns the mess he creates.  This is no longer the America I believe in. It is moving from a live democracy with a due process model of justice to an autocracy with a crime control model overseen by a new dictator, Donald Trump.

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