Monday, February 13, 2017

Steven Miller and Steve Bannon are Dangerous

Donald Trump has surrounded himself with right wing ideologues that are destructive and dangerous to this country. Steven Miller and Steve Bannon have a view of the world and of the United States that is perverse to say the least. They use misinformation, fear and outright lies to advance their agenda in a way that undermines our democracy. It is not just a difference of philosophy they are advancing, it is a totally different value system that is based on an ultra-conservative right wing view that is often founded on conspiracy theory and paranoia.  They claim to be great patriots that base everything they do on the Constitution. They are in fact pseudo-patriots that twist and distort the very foundation of our country that would make our forefathers roll over in their graves. 

I would submit that Steven Miller, Steve Bannon and most of the other Trump surrogates are the epitome of unpatriotic, un-American opportunist that prey on undereducated, angry people who just want to fight and it really doesn't matter who they fight as long as it stands against something. We are headed down a very dangerous path and nothing good can come of it. Complacency is the enemy.  The price we will pay if we continue down this path may be incalculable.

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