Monday, February 13, 2017


Really now, what did you expect? You put the inmates in charge of running the asylum and you thought it was going to turn our well? Surprise, surprise. The band of idiots running the White House led by the most unqualified, unprepared incompetent person ever elected to the office of President stumbles from one mess to the next.  The adminsitration has zero credibility because of one blatant lie and exaggeration after another yet Fox News and the other right wing media continue to rationalize and justify the gross ineptitude. They even attempt to say it's somehow the Democrats fault that things aren't going well.  In all of my adult life I have never seen a more disturbing or mind numbing trashing of the whole governing process of this country.  It's not as though people weren't warned by plenty of knowledgeable, experienced people at the highest levels of government that bad things were likely going to happen if Trump was elected.  He succeeded anyway.  For the die hard Trump supporters though, that doesn't really matter. They love the conflict.

For rational people, the spectacle of the Trump presidency is quickly becoming a frightening example of how fast things can deteriorate and how one man with a little star power can move the entire country in a very negative and destructive direction.   This is a sad commentary on just how America deludes itself into the fantasy we are the greatest nation on earth. We aren't and haven't been for a while. We can never afford to take care of the poor or seniors, educate and provide healthcare and a myriad of other things that make our society strong.  We can however, always afford to build more bombs and weapons of war or to support the worst the world has to offer. Our priorities are simply inconsistent with the values we provide lip service to.

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