Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Whiner-in-Chief

Among other things, Donald Trump is now the Whiner in Chief. He is oblivious to his own incompetent, incapable, blithering idiocy and chooses to blame the media, the Democrats, his staff and anyone else who he can think of for all his problems. He suffers from terminal "POGO SYNDROME." We have met the enemy and he is us! Donald Trump is his own worst enemy. He is a mentally unstable narcissistic nitwit. He is a pathological, compulsive liar that lives in an alternate reality. Never in my adult life have I witnessed such chaos in our government or more division in our society. Trump is a one person wrecking crew. Unfortunately we are probably going to be stuck with him for the foreseeable future and will have to endure a daily dose of Trump "oh poor me" whining. It's not like the country wasn't warned about the potential dangers of a Trump presidency. They voted in sufficient numbers to allow this freak to be elected and now they can live with it. All those who chose not to vote share the same credit for this travesty. Your laziness and lack of civic responsibility has a price and now we are paying it. Donald Trump is completely unfit and unworthy of holding the office of President. Hopefully, a special prosecutor will bring him down in a court of law.

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